B E   B O L D E R   B O O T C A M P  2

N O W  O N L I N E

Y O U ' R E  R E A D Y  F O R  M O R E! 

L E T ' S  D O  T H I S!


This Bootcamp will help you

up your game when it comes to :

  • Presenting

  • Answering questions after a presentation 

  • Networking skills - creating an elevator pitch that feels

         natural and authentic


P R E R E Q U I S I T E: 

Attendees must have attended a previous BPS workshop

or received coaching from Amanda.



A T  T H E  W O R K S H O P

Each person will present and receive feedback. Attendees can choose to have their presentation recorded...or not!


After each presentation, Amanda and the class will ask questions about the content and the presenter will practice fielding questions (and receive coaching along the way).


The remainder of the workshop will focus on networking skills / elevator pitches. Folks will draft a conversational description of their work and practice it with a partner and with the group.

H O M E W O R K  I N  A D V A N C E:

Participants must prepare a 5-8 minute talk in advance of the workshop. (No slides! Just you!) It could be a work presentation, a wedding toast, or folks could create a talk using the guidelines used at a previous workshop (please let me know if you need a reminder of what those are).

Prepare to the best of your ability so you can get the most out of the workshop. Preparation and rehearsal are what set you up for success!


oh good!

Team Talk

D A T E: 


9:00am - 12:30pm

F O R: Ages 18 and older

P R E R E Q U I S I T E: 

Attendees must have attended

a previous BPS workshop or received coaching

from Amanda


W H E R E:  Zoom


C O S T: 

Limited to 8 participants

S I G N  M E  U P !