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Speak Boldly

A seven week course for innovators, visionaries, and game-changers 

Speak with power and ease so you can change the room or zoom you're in without self-doubt or losing sleep.

 starts January 23rd

The Details

Present with courage and charisma, without self-doubt or losing sleep and make an impact!

Quick Facts:

This 7-week virtual group program is designed to build your confidence & communication prowess/savy!


DATES:  January ___ - March ___

TIME:  1:00 - 4:00 PM PST

                4:00 - 7:00 PM EST

FOR:  18 and older


Limited to 8 students


(This payment is non-refundable.)

For more info about our payment policies, click here.

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  • Begin Jan 23rd.
  • Give you loads of opportunities to practice in front of a group and receive feedback from Amanda
  • Allow you to speak with much greater ease and less angst

Let's Break It Down

See what we'll be covering week by week

week 1:
Myth busting and building confidence

It's time to unlearn the negative beliefs about yourself and start to own your power!

Plus weekly Q&A's and direct feedback!

Learn to use your body language and your voice to enhance your message and your impact.

Plus weekly Q&A's and direct feedback!

Be memorable! Find out how to tell a compelling and powerful story.

Plus weekly Q&A's and direct feedback!

week 4:
how to rehearse

All the tips & tricks you'll need to set yourself up for a win on stage or on Zoom.

Plus weekly Q&A's and direct feedback!

week 5:
technology and digital spaces

Know how to speak in any medium - on Zoom, TV, radio, or podcasts. 

Plus weekly Q&A's and direct feedback!

week 6:
own your voice and your power

You got this. Own your power, speak with ease and confidence, and deliver the best version of your talk.

Plus weekly Q&A's and direct feedback!

week 2:
body language and vocal variety

week 3:

DSC03008_web - cropped.jpg

S O,  W H A T ' S  M Y  S T O R Y?​

I love helping innovators and visionaries to speak with power and ease so they can change the rooms or zooms they are in without self-doubt or losing precious sleep.

Through one-on-one coaching and customized corporate workshops, I help these game-changers experience public speaking as an adventure with exciting risks, discoveries, and massive rewards rather than as a horror movie with terror, hiding, and dread.


I have coached a wide variety of individuals who are making waves in their industries - scientists, entrepreneurs, executives, activists, doctors, chefs, lawyers, artists, a top dog trainer, and also a mountaineer who completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam (think Everest, the Poles, and more!)


CLICK HERE to read the rest of my bio!

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