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help! I am totally overwhelmed! 


  • Overwhelmed by the idea of public speaking and don't even know how to start?6


  • Deeply want to make an impact on the world, but your fears related to public speaking are holding you back?


  • Had negative experiences getting in front of people that now cause you to avoid speaking opportunities?


  • Been giving presentations for a while, but feel you could grow and up your game?


  • Need a safe and encouraging space in which to face your fears and transform?



Here’s your chance to gain some innovative strategies! You can fully transform the way you feel ABOUT public speaking and how you feel WHILE presenting. 









DATES: Sat, 6/17- Sun, 6/18


Saturday, June 17th, 2017

10am - 1pm  

2:30pm - 5pm


Sunday, June 18th, 2017
10am - 1pm

2:30pm - 5pm


(Students must attend each session of bootcamp. Lunch is not provided.)


COST: $349





Saturday morning


We will focus on the most important and foundational element - YOU.  


You will learn:

  • Strategies for dealing with nerves

  • How to cultivate a positive attitude that resonates intellectually, emotionally and physically

  • How to properly support and use your voice in a varied and engaging way

  • How to address body language and movement

  • How to do 87 push-ups (just kidding!)

  • The most powerful ways to prepare

  • How to channel your passion

  • How to bring authenticity to the stage

  • Presence 

  • The power of visualization




Saturday afternoon


We will get down to the nitty gritty of writing a talk.


We will address:

  • Determining  our audience

  • Determining our intention and goals

  • The importance of strong and unique beginnings and endings

  • Humor

  • Slides

  • Gratitude

  • Using specific examples to support your objective

  • Passion

  • The power of questions



Sunday morning


Participants will sit down and write a very short talk, utilizing all they have learned. They will also get to practice it in front of the group.




Sunday afternoon


Students will present their talks. They will receive verbal feedback from me and written feedback from their peers.


Participants will be given time to reshape their talk and/or delivery and then will be videotaped.


We will watch the videotapes together and students will receive final feedback in verbal and written form.




FOR:  Ages 18 and older


WHERE: My studio at 1204 Broadway in Teele Square, Somerville


COST:  $349

You can pay the full amount now or pay a $90 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot. The balance of $259 is due the week before Bootcamp.

To register and pay by check or money order email:
amanda @


For more about our payment policies, please click here.


to register:

You can pay the full amount of $349 now or pay a $90 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot.
The balance of $259 is due the week before Bootcamp.
To pay, simply click on one of the items below.
Small Heading

Amanda Hennessey is a gem.  


She has a unique approach in her coaching of public speaking skills. It is not the typical “pad and paper/lecture” approach. Instead, she uses her acting background to allow participants to tap into a part of themselves never previously explored. Amanda is a coach…a cheerleader…a role model.  After two complete days of coaching, laughing, exploring, learning, I can also call her a friend.  


Thank you, Amanda for your transformational approach to public speaking that helped me learn more about myself than I ever thought possible.”   


—Lori P., Nonprofit Consultant 

"I reached a point in my career when I realized that even though I had extensive knowledge of technical topics, I needed to develop my interpersonal skills. My position requires me to communicate with engineering professionals in the industry ranging from Ph.Ds. in electrical, mechanical, and material sciences to electrical technicians who have been field testing for decades.  


I am very fortunate to have found Amanda’s Bootcamp and to have worked with such a great group!


It was the perfect class size; allowing everyone to be heard and contribute. Not once did we hear the predictable presentation regiments:  that we should talk 30 seconds per slide, use more pictures than words, and prepare materials early; I know and have done this already."


"Amanda really has a gift that can change your mindset and help you evaluate your public speaking confidence and ability.


She comes from an acting background and really understands how to shape body language and help you project. I also love her classroom style: she doesn’t preach, she encourages and facilitates activity, and she opens the group up for discussion after offering her points and experiences.


I believe this really helps to round out personal know-how and understand one’s preference in technique required before going into a presentation or any public speaking setting.



Thank you again Amanda, I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again in the future. "



Ryan Tarring

Primary Application Engineer

OMICRON Electronics USA

M.S.E.E., University of Vermont

Some words from bootcamp attendees a few days after bootcamp

"Thank you very much for an excellent class! So far this week I’ve used what I’ve learned in leading 2 critical meetings, 2 training sessions and a job interview.


As always it’s a pleasure working with you!"

Senior Manager

Technology Company

"Thanks so much Amanda, it was lovely to meet you, too. Your class definitely helped me in today's presentation to Senior Management! "
Grant System Officer
International Nonprofit
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