T H R I V E  P A C K A G E


Over the course of six sessions, we can really get you into the zone. We'll build a process that you can trust that will set you up for success. Let's also focus on your storytelling skills so you can be ready to share in an engaging way in any circumstance.


The Thrive Package includes:


  • Six 90-minute sessions in person at my studio or online


  • A copy of Your Guide to Public Speaking -Build Your Confidence, Find Your Voice, Inspire Your Audience


  • Video footage of your rehearsals sent to you


Don't worry, there is no obligation to be filmed! Seeing oneself is often very illuminating. You may discover you're doing a better job than you thought or you might gain some new insights about your presentation itself.  You decide if and when this would be helpful.

FOR:  all ages.


WHERE: We can meet at my studio at 1204 Broadway in Teele Square, Somerville or we can connect via Skype.


COST:  $1200

Packages need to be paid in full in advance of the first session. Our session will be confirmed once I have received payment.



F I L L  M E  I N

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for Boston and B E Y O N D!

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