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W A T C H 

Hate being the
center of attention?

Is being calm really a good thing?

How to deal with those NERVES

WHY are you speaking?

Elmo and friends explain why
belly breathing is awesome


articles I've written


The Idea Exchange
with Brenda Murphy
Beaver Dam, WI
June 17th
06 17 19 Your Guide to Public Speaking
00:00 / 10:12
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P O D C A S T S   

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I had a fun conversation with host Paul Brodie on the Get Published Podcast. Among other things, we discussed how to approach finding a publicist.


The Get Published Podcast is perfect for listeners who want to get great information about the author journey in a short period of time. Each episode is fast-paced where we ask our guests 5 questions about getting published. Give us 10 minutes and we will give you a great podcast.  

Hosted by 14-time Bestselling Author, Paul G. Brodie, CEO and Book Publisher at Brodie Consulting Group

To listen, click HERE.

I had a juicy conversation with Kenneth on his podcast. I think the shark in his logo looks like he's about to tell a really mischievous joke. I will totally subscribe to his mailing list.

A Shark’s Perspective” is the podcast with the Who’s Who in marketing. Host Kenneth (Shark) Kinney is a highly accomplished & creative marketer, growth executive, & nationally-renowned consultant & speaker on digital & TV.

To listen, click HERE.

What's next

I also got a chance to be a guest on the MECE Muse Unplugged podcast hosted by management consultant, author, trainer, and speaker, (and all-around great person) Christie Lindor!

The MECE Muse Unplugged is a weekly podcast show that offers interviews, storytelling, career advice, and trending topics for go-getters on their journey to greatness.

To listen, click HERE.
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