W H A T   P E O P L E   A R E   S A Y I N G   

F O R  O N L I N E  R E V I E W S,  C L I C K  H E R E


I took all of your amazing advice and felt 100x more comfortable before and during the speaking panel. I think I did a good job and got a lot of good feedback afterwards.  
Lauren Jezienicki, Vice President

Amanda was AMAZING!  She not only gave me helpful tips on how to remember my lines, engage the SXSW audience and effectively sell the product, but she more importantly improved my confidence that I was lacking before she and I met.

Janalyn Peppel, Head of Customer Development 

Embr Labs

Amanda is amazing. She helped shape our presentation's story line; improve wording and flow. Having fun, being yourself, being confident while delivering a speech requires public speaking skills. Amanda is fantastic at teaching those skills!

Jennifer Bergantino, VP Business Development, ConConn, Inc.

Communicating is the most important thing I do, but my presentations weren't good enough. Amanda Hennessey helped me be more persuasive and engaging. 

She even helped me be funnier! 

Being a better speaker has made me a better leader. And that's no laughing matter.

Avi Green, Executive Director

Scholars Strategy Network


Thanks for everything! The talk was excellent, completely surpassed my own expectations and I was very happy with my voice.
Marnie, PhD candidate at MIT

Amanda took the time to really understand my concerns before coaching me for a very important interview. She helped me both project confidence and ease and also genuinely feel them.


My presentations have seen a vast improvement, and I find that I’m much more active now in small group meetings. Amanda’s utmost professionalism and sharp insights have been instrumental in getting me to accomplish my goals.


Thank you, Amanda

I came to Amanda in a panic because I'm a biologist, not an actor, but I was filming a demo video for a prospective wildlife tv show...The results were fantastic! What an improvement over my initial attempts.
Don Lyman, Professor
Thank you very much for your training. It was definitely uplifting and gave me more confidence in terms of facing the crowd.
Scientist at a pharmaceutical company
Scientist, preparing for a job talk

S T U D E N T S  &  F A C U L T Y

Amanda was invaluable during my interview process for medical school. She gave me feedback and guidance on every aspect of the interview process, from delivering my answers articulately to presenting a demeanor that conveys self-assurance. She helped me move beyond my initial anxieties about interviewing at top medical schools.

A. Thomas, Brown University graduate

Soon to attend Yale Medical School

Thank you SO much for your expertise and time yesterday! I am still reeling from how much I learned! Wow, acting requires a level of psychological insight that I had never realized.

You are one of the best listeners with immediate insight, that I have ever met.

Professor, Public Health


Amanda’s help was invaluable.


She has an instinctive ability to grasp what works and what doesn't in a presentation. She helped me to think about how to express myself and how to feel comfortable and natural in doing so. Amanda was totally invested in helping and passionate about doing so, and she always went the extra mile to help.

A.T., Harvard Law School student
Amanda exceeded my expectations. She was flexible with scheduling and meeting methods, receptive and patient, and most importantly, her advice worked!
It went really well! I even got some laughs in the crowd. One more presentation to go for the semester!
Nursing student
Amanda helped me to turnaround my "job talk" presentation when I applied for academic positions. Her contribution was beyond any expectation - while I expected her to improve my delivery techniques alone, she managed not only to have me grip my audience, but she also helped me to improve the actual structure of my talk, making it crisp, exciting and enthralling.
N. Shilon, Harvard Law School student
Undergraduate student

I was really nervous about law school and did not have much luck with other public speaking coaches. I was about to give up and wing it in law school when I found Amanda.


Sessions with Amanda were completely different from anything I had tried.


Each lesson was jam-packed with tips that I would have never thought of, fun exercises, and tons of practice – the time flew by and I left each lesson armored with so many more strategies than when I went in. 

A.B., now attending Cornell Law School



Amanda served as speech coach, writing mentor and presentation adviser. Her background in each of the areas helped me write a draft in my own words. I was able to create a ceremony that spoke to my nephew and his fiancée's lives -  where they had come from, what this marriage meant to them and the future that lay ahead. Amanda was patient and kind, provided structured feedback and ultimately helped me craft an amazing and memorable ceremony.

John Alekna

You have no idea how relieved I am and happy that it went so well.Thank you for helping me think about it differently. I really changed my mindset after our first meeting together...I was in tears several times over how stressed I was about public speaking. I never thought I would be able to conquer this fear!

Maid of Honor

Amanda - I want to thank you again for your amazing coaching.


When I first came to you I hoped for you to make me an amazing, fearless public speaker both for an upcoming best man speech, and my pitch as a startup leader.


What I got was so much more. Resilience and confidence as an individual, which has allowed me to view public speaking as a positive gift to others. While am still not fearless, and am far from being the most eloquent orator in town, I now put myself out there as much as possible and am able to productively plan for big talks and harness my anxiety in a much more productive way.

Best Man

T V,  V I D E O  &  M E D I A


I was considering writing a book about dog training and she helped me brainstorm and shape my ideas. When I did receive a book deal, she continued to support my process. I have pitched my ideas to TV producers and Amanda helped me to prepare for these intense meetings so that what I conveyed was clear, succinct and I was able to authentically share who I am.


Once my book came out, I needed to take part in a video "trailer". Amanda helped me to shape the tone, the flow of ideas and how best to articulate them. We also discussed my outfit and how I could manage any nervous energy that comes up.

Amanda did so much more than offer me survival tips. Together, we worked on polishing my presentation skills and building my confidence. People came up to me after my first readings to tell me that I seemed like an old pro. This was all due to Amanda.

Kate Perry, CEO & Founder

Kate Perry Dog Training

Peter Swanson, Author of The Girl With a Clock for a Heart

Thanks again for the excellent coaching today. I feel much better having broken through the wall of the unknown with your help and rehearsed what to expect and how to present.

Community activist, preparing to be interviewed by PBS

I'm so much better at this than I was last year and I have you to thank for it. You've really helped me tremendously.

Culinary Expert, preparing for recurring appearances on TV cooking show



Amanda took me from puddle of nerves to confident speaker.  Her professionalism and sense of humor provide a safe learning environment with non-judgmental corrections.

I never would have been able to run a successful campaign without the courage and guidance from Amanda!

Kristie L. Ferrantella, Select Board, Nantucket

J. Barnard, preparing a eulogy for her sister

Amanda's wisdom and creative technique have helped me focus on what I like about my work and my research when I present. I was even relaxed enough the last time to joke around with my co-panelists!

Client who gave a short presentation in the U. S. Senate