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This video clip is from a workshop I led at the Cambridge Public Library

Would you like me to lead a workshop or offer coaching for your organization?


I can work with you to create a program that best serves your group's needs. 


If you are interested in exploring this idea, please contact me via the form below

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Organizations where I've led workshops that enabled people to

communicate more powerfully

to their clients, partners, and teams:


W H A T  P E O P L E  A R E  S A Y I N G

"Amanda was very helpful in working with our team and honing our communication and presentation skills.  We enjoyed the creative exercises to help determine areas of strength and areas for improvement, both individually and as a team. 


We left the sessions with a refined sense of what we do for people and how we can best communicate our value proposition and make connections with our clients and prospective clients. 


Thank you for enlightening us.  We are certainly more sparkly!"


James J. McDonald, CFP®

Financial Advisor
Senior Vice President – Wealth Management

The McDonald Group 
UBS Financial Services Inc. 

- Jamie McDonald, Matt Bechtel, Christie E. Carillo and Stephanie Carolyn Allwein

"Do yourself a favor and bring Amanda Hennessey to your organization for public speaking training.


Amanda has worked with Scholars Strategy Network staff and volunteers in group and personal sessions. In every case Amanda addresses each individual's public speaking needs, whether it's facilitating a day-long training, giving a talk, or working a room. She is insightful, entertaining, confidence-boosting, and a joy to work with.


Her public speaking training was rated the "most helpful" session out of a week of professional development programming for our regional staff. We've brought her back to SSN time and again because her trainings make us better at our jobs and help us achieve our mission of improving policy and strengthening democracy."

Shira Rascoe, 

Director of Chapters & Membership

Scholars Strategy Network

I contracted Ms Hennessey to deliver a one-day workshop onsite at our facility in Nashua, NH to a group of customer-facing trainers and salespeople. She was very flexible with dates and easy to work with during the scheduling process. The workshop itself was fantastic.


The team learned valuable tips for building self-confidence which we were able to put immediately into practice. Ms Hennessey cultivated a fun and relaxed atmosphere and everyone on the team raved about the experience. I will certainly reach out to her the next time my team needs to brush up on their skills.



Dan Welch

Customer Support Manager

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

Thank you so much for an inspiring workshop yesterday.


I was very moved by the willingness of the whole staff to express their passion for the work they do at Oldways– and by their willingness to be honest, open and vulnerable in front of their colleagues. We know this might not have unfurled as richly without your ability to foster an atmosphere that nurtures such responses.


One of the best things about your approach is that you didn't TELL us anything; you didn't stand at the front of the room and say, "Now remember. What works best is storytelling…" Instead you had us try things, and notice for ourselves what worked from both the presenter's and the audience's perspective -- so much more effective. And, having done this together as a group, we're now all working off the same page, and can help each other continue to grow in our confidence about presenting our work.


-Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies

I reached out to Amanda in hopes of helping my team of dog trainers become more proficient and confident in their ability to teach dog training classes.


Amanda was quick to reply to my request and took the time to discuss the unique needs of my team and my business.  


The workshop that she created for us went above and beyond my expectations.


Not only was she able to teach my team an abundance of techniques to help them manage classes and communicate with our clients, she also took the time to help individuals on specific challenges they have come across.  A combination of practicing techniques, role playing and discussions kept the workshop fun and interesting for our entire team.  


Knowing that I left the workshop myself feeling significantly more confident in my ability to teach, present and communicate, I am certain this class had the same affect on my team, which will in turn provide our clients with a more fulfilling experience in class.  


This workshop was truly a wonderful experience for my team and I look forward to maintaining our newly gained knowledge with future classes with Amanda.


Kimberly Palermo


"Thank you so much for providing us with such a great workshop yesterday. 


You’ve been the talk of the office… all day people have been going on about what a great experience it was.


We look forward to working with you again in the future."



Matt Grymek                                                     

Manager of Admissions and Student Life

The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Amanda came to our office to run an improvisation session as part of an ongoing Public Speaking series, and our teammates absolutely loved it!


She was engaging and made everyone feel comfortable, quickly setting the tone for a fun and positive session. She taught our teammates a great deal about communication and even demonstrated how posture and body language influence the types of conversations we have in a day.


This session resulted in some fantastic takeaways to improve customer service skills as well as employee relations.


We would love to bring Amanda back for more workshops in the future.


 -The Advocator Group

"Working with students of the International Relations Department, I note that the education courses at the university either doesn’t consist of any public speaking classes or consists of pure theoretical lectures. These lectures are not aimed to develop the real oratory skills that could be implemented in further academic or professional careers. That is why the speech at the conference or the first interview is a real challenge for the majority of students. 

I especially appreciated the training because it was interactive, bright and really useful!


Every student took the opportunity to give a speech and got feedback from Amanda. The training program included all aspects of public speaking from the preparation stage to the creation of positive ambiance during the speech. All students are really grateful for the amazing time together!"

 Nikolay Parfenenok 

I Pro Group Educational Tours Russia

for Boston and B E Y O N D!

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