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T R A N S F O R M A T I O N  P A C K A G E

If you are ready to commit to deeply changing your approach, mindset, presence, and outcomes this is the experience for you!


We'll creatively tackle your goals and build a process that you can rely on. 


You'll become an engaging and confident communicator and storyteller. You'll also be ready to take on new challenges, set more ambitious goals, and keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

During our time together, we'll focus on:

  • managing nerves

  • cultivating a mindset that builds confidence and resilience

  • choosing body language that inspires the audience and empowers you

  • strengthening your voice

    • using breath support so you can be heard​

    • shifting away from being monotone

    • incorporating vocal variety to keep the audience engaged

    • letting go of using filler words like "ummmm"

  • analyzing your audience so you can clarify your approach

  • storytelling - taking your audience on a journey, moment to moment​ - us

  • creating slides that intrigue rather than bore
  • how to rehearse
  • how to handle the energy of the audience in person and on Zoom
  • how to create a script that serves you

You'll also have some time to practice with presentations from your work.Yo


Sessions will be highly interactive.  And there will be homework! 

We will accomplish a lot in our sessions, but it is critical that you put time and effort into developing your skills outside of our sessions to get the most benefit.

This package includes:


  • Ten 60-minute virtual sessions 

  • Video recordings of your rehearsals sent to you

Don't worry, there is no obligation to be recorded! That said, seeing oneself is often very illuminating. You may discover you're doing a better job than you thought or you might gain some new insights about your talk. It's up to you to decide if and when filming would be helpful.


To get the biggest impact, I highly recommend taking advantage of this package over a 1 - 3 month period.

W H E R E:  Zoom

C O S T:  $4050 (10 sessions for the price of 9!)


T O  S C H E D U L E  Y O U R  V I R T U A L  S E S S I O N S

or ask any questions: 



or send me a message here.

email  amanda @

Let's do this!


Follow these 3 simple steps to book your coaching session!

  1.  Purchase your package

  2.  Schedule your sessions here

  3. Click here to fill out the New Client Questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your goals!

For more about payment policies, please click here.



email  amanda @ 

or send me a message.

"Amanda brought out the best of me on the stage.

Her mottos of "Be authentic" and "Speak from your gut" helped me connect with my true underlying emotion and enabled me to be totally in the zone on the stage, which made the whole speaking experience exhilarating.


Amanda is also very creative and has an amazing intuition to understand my emotions and thoughts below the surface (as if she is my twin sister!). She helped me to develop the speech to resonate with audiences at a deeper level and create bigger impact.


I felt I became a totally different person on the stage after just a couple weeks of working with Amanda! " 


Lei Wang

Mountain Climber, author, and motivational speaker

First Chinese woman and first Asian American to climb the Seven Summits and ski to both the North and South Poles. 

This photo of Lei is taken at the summit of Mount Vinson - in ANTARCTICA!

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