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"During the Interview Process, Whose Opinion Matters Most?" 


Click here to view the webinar.

(You will be directed to the IamBackatWork website, where the webinar is hosted. I created it for that wonderful community.)



Does your potential boss’s opinion matter most? The HR person? The team of co-workers who interview you?


Actually, the answer is YOURS. 


Your opinions about yourself and your skills, problem-solving abilities, work and life experience are of immense importance.


What You'll Learn:


In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies to

  • uncover and shift unhelpful beliefs that undermine your confidence

  • create an empowering internal narrative

  • face the unknown with curiosity rather than dread and fear

  • make simple physical choices that will ground you in powerful ways

If you are ready to become your own best advocate, please watch!

About IamBackatWork


I was invited by Miki Feldman Simon to offer this webinar to the IamBackatWork community.


IamBackatWork’s goal is to empower women with practical advice, tools, and skills to enable them to return to the workforce. It is a community of women helping each other to reach their full potential.


Miki Feldman Simon, the founder of IamBackatWork, is a seasoned professional who has held leading executive roles in marketing, business development and human resources management.

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