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Speaker LAUNCH


An accelerated program that gives aspiring speakers the practical tools, guidance, and speaker reel they need to become a paid speaker.

Make your mark with your story.

Launch your paid speaking career!

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Jessie Medina and Amanda Hennessey have joined forces, bringing their expertise and passion to create this program.

Speaker LAUNCH is a ten-week program designed to: 

  • empower you to craft and rehearse your unique signature talk that lights up the room

  • educate you on how to position and market yourself

  • help you navigate what to charge

  • give you the experience of presenting in front of a live audience

  • create a professional speaking reel containing clips from your performance to showcase YOU!

You don't need to spend countless hours figuring this out all on your own!

Meet the Instructors:

Jessie - FEMX.jpg

Jessie is a Latina founder, speaker, creative, writer, designer, tastemaker, and podcast host.

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Amanda is the author of Your Guide to Public Speaking, a public speaking coach and faciliator.

Learn how to create your unique signature talk, rehearse it, 

onfidently prepare for your presentation so that instead of

Speaker LAUNCH is a ten-week program designed to help you craft and rehearse your unique signature talk, educate you on how to market yourself, and set you up to become a paid speaker. Not only will you perform in front of a live audience at the end of the course, you'll also receive a professional reel so that you can get booked!

We'll take you from a blank page to a fabulous stage! And your performance on that stage will be professionally filmed and edited so that you have a speaker reel!


"I want to be a paid speaker, but the people who are considering hiring me want to see my reel! How can I show them my reel if I haven't had any speaking gigs yet? "

We've got you!

Do you dream of being a paid speaker but are feeling overwhelmed as to how to start?

Do you want to be seen as a thought leader in your field?

Do you have a compelling story that you long to share, but you’re not sure how to convert it into a talk?

Do you feel pulled to share your experience with an audience, but hate being the center of attention and don’t know how to handle your nerves?

Are you comfortable with speaking to a crowd, but don’t know how to market yourself, how to deal with branding, or how to create a speaker reel?

Are you savvy about marketing yourself, but creating an actual talk that engages feels out of reach?

Are you overwhelmed by thinking about getting out there and what to charge?



An idea, a talk, a performance, a brand, a reel,


Do you need help to

create a memorable signature talk that feels like a true expression of you

deliver it with power and presence, rather than self-consciousness


Becoming a paid in demand speaker is not just about crafting, rehearsing, and delivering a speech. Ideally you also need to be very interntional about the brand you are creating.


I want to be a paid speaker, but pelple are asking me for a speaker reel.


We’ve got the whole package – from brainstorming to

This experience will take you from brainstorm to stage to reel. So, not only are you getting speaker preparation and experience, you’re also getting marketing and sales tools to launch your speaking career.

We will share all we know, guide you, coach you, bring in resources (stylist, make-up and hair, videographer) to get you on your way.

“Amanda was approachable, relatable, and had a valuable depth of experience and insight. I especially found helpful her advice on finding a confident, grounded mindset through affirmative statements, and identifying intentions and how to tackle nerves.”
          - participant at a recent workshop for Women in Design                               


DATES:  Sundays, 1/30- 3/20*


*NO CLASS on  2/20 for President's Day Weekend

TIME:  4:00 - 6:00 PM ET


FOR:  18 and older


Limited to 12 participants


PS  These are great skills to develop for work! Some companies reimburse their employees for this kind of training.

Speak Boldly Payment

Let's Break It Down

See what we'll be covering week by week

course breakdown




Our final class! Students will present (YES!) and receive coaching.

Plus celebrating!

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Whether you are on Zoom or in the room, you can feel
at ease and make an impact!

my story

S O,  W H A T ' S  M Y  S T O R Y?​

I love helping innovators and visionaries to speak with power and ease so they can change the rooms or zooms they are in without self-doubt or losing precious sleep.

Through one-on-one coaching and customized corporate workshops, I help these game-changers experience public speaking as an adventure with exciting risks, discoveries, and massive rewards rather than as a horror movie with terror, hiding, and dread.


I have coached a wide variety of individuals who are making waves in their industries - scientists, entrepreneurs, executives, activists, doctors, chefs, lawyers, artists, a top dog trainer, and also a mountaineer who completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam (think Everest, the Poles, and more!)


CLICK HERE to read the rest of my bio!

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