A seven-week course for innovators and visionaries

Starts Sunday, January 30th


Speak with power and ease so you can change the room or zoom you're in!

Learn how to confidently prepare for your presentation so that instead of being tormented by sleepless nights and self-doubt, your courage grows, your presentation flows, and your audience is hooked and totally engaged.

This is your chance to practice, practice, practice in a group setting and receive feedback in a safe, supportive environment.

registration closes Sun, Jan 23rd!


  • Deeply want to make an impact on the world, but your fears related to public speaking are holding you back?


  • Want to take advantage of exciting career opportunities, but (oh no!) - they require more speaking and visibility?

  • Avoid and run away from speaking opportunities because of negative public speaking experiences in high school, college, or early in your career?


  • Want to spice up your talks, have more fun, and influence your audience more powerfully?


  • Need a safe and encouraging space in which to face your fears and practice?

At different times during my acting career, I struggled with stage fright. Even though I was well-trained and super prepared, had years of performance mileage under my belt, AND got lots of positive feedback from reviewers and the audience - fear made my tummy hurt before I ventured out on stage.

Fear robbed me of my joy.  I was confused and upset and frankly pissed about it. And disappointed in myself. And hard on myself.  This didn't make things better. I became DETERMINED to change, have more ease, and get my joy back.  So...



Hey! I'm Amanda , who's teaching this course.

“Amanda was approachable, relatable, and had a valuable depth of experience and insight. I especially found helpful her advice on finding a confident, grounded mindset through affirmative statements, and identifying intentions and how to tackle nerves.”
          - participant at a recent workshop for Women in Design                               

DSC03008_web - cropped.jpg

                                                    A 7 WEEK COURSE



  • a weekly live two-hour virtual class* that:

    •  delves into a specific topic (click HERE to see the topics!)

    • includes time to practice the skills being taught

    • includes feedback from Amanda

  • weekly challenge assignments (creative and fun)

  • a 20-minute Zoom goal-setting session before the course starts (a time to get super clear and committed!)

  • a 20-minute Zoom wrap-up session after the course finishes 

  • a community Facebook group for support and accountability

  • a copy of my book YOUR GUIDE TO PUBLIC SPEAKING to help reinforce all that you are learning in the course

  • an MP3 to guide you as you explore empowering body language choices

  • and a few more surprise goodies!

*Replays of each class will be available to you on the class portal for the entirety of the course. Yay!

Here's what I got for you!

DATES:  Sundays, 1/30- 3/20*


*NO CLASS on  2/20 for President's Day Weekend

TIME:  4:00 - 6:00 PM ET


FOR:  18 and older


Limited to 12 participants




What if

you could think clearly, sleep well, and actually 

look forward to your upcoming public speaking adventure?

what becomes possible?

How MUCH? 

PS  These are great skills to develop for work! Some companies reimburse their employees for this kind of training.


During this course you'll learn:

  • how to manage your nerves and shift away from negative self-talk

  • how to handle being the center of attention

  • how to confidently introduce yourself and describe what you do 

  • how to comfortably be on-camera